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We're like that guy you know that always has the nice stuff. You know the one who cooks great food, finds beer with cool names that actually tastes awesome and when it comes to spirits...shut the front door. Cause that's what we do best.

There's no hurry to leave, our seats are comfy, our staff give a damn and we don't just aim to please we make it an artform.

But we have to be honest with you....we have some rules. Well maybe not rules, more polite suggestions:

  • if you want to book
    give us a call. If we're not in, slip us an email
  • try something new
  • prepare for change
    we change our beer taps & menus all the time

Fully functioning

You want functions you got em. From 10 people to 150 we can cater, add some social lubrication, play some tunes to get people in the party mood and get y'all grinning.

Whatever it is you require it's our gig to make it happen and make it memorable.

Drop us a line, shoot us an email or drop by to chat and we'll get it happening.

3 Function Spaces

  • function space for 25
  • function space for 50
  • function space for 50plus
  • More info

    • Call today
    • Email Us

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